Friday, April 29, 2016

Keys to Successful Telecom Collections

Telecom collections representatives do not have an easy job. They have to constantly concern themselves with meeting the ever-changing compliance regulations, as well as with keeping each
individual client happy. With that said, however, there are other things, things just as important as compliance, that modern day debt collectors in the telecom collections industry need to concern themselves with. These things will be covered below and should be given the utmost attention.

Data Security
To begin with, all debt collection agencies and the collectors themselves should be concerned with data security. Debt collectors are privy to a great deal of sensitive information, information that, if placed into the wrong hands, could mean serious consequences for the involved consumer.
As such, debt collectors need to maintain extreme privacy and discretion regarding the information they have been entrusted with. Furthermore, debt collection agencies, as a whole, need to have strong and clear security measures in place that enable them to be a true trusted partner to telecom businesses.

All companies should have the proper security certifications in place as well as other security measures, measures which can be easily detailed if requested, to protect consumers, as well as the businesses collection agencies are working with.

Modern Technology
While attention to detail and concern for everyone’s safety and privacy are paramount in the telecom collections realm, it is also imperative for collectors to have the right, most up to date technologies.
These should include TCPA compliant dialing systems, modern speech analytics programs to monitor and review calls, as well as emotional analytics to ensure a sense of calm and professionalism is always maintained during collections communications.

Debt collectors without the correct technologies run the risk of violating TCPA rules and general compliance standards. They also will not be able to provide the best possible service and protection to the consumers and clients they work with.

Skip Tracing
All debt collectors are also encouraged to utilize skip tracing programs, programs which enable them to find other possible phone numbers for consumers when the person’s original phone number suddenly becomes unavailable.

While there are programs that will find a wide range of potential phone numbers, it is usually smarter for debt collectors to choose more discerning programs. These programs may contain fewer potential phone number matches, but the matches are typically based on more rigorous criteria, making them more likely to be correct and helping debt collectors to avoid the potential breech of privacy they may commit by calling the wrong person about someone else’s account.

Physical Security
As mentioned, security of data is incredibly important for modern telecom collections. However, true physical security is just as important, and, in fact, good physical security measures will reinforce all data security measures.

Collections facilities should have controlled access to the general building as well as to parts of the building where sensitive information is stored. Video surveillance is also a smart addition that can improve physical security.

Obviously, there are many things that modern collection agencies must consider in order to be successful, but these are some of the most vital.

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