Monday, April 27, 2015

Buy Now Pay Later Could Spell Trouble

Are you a small business owner? If so, then you already know, firsthand, how much you depend on payments from your clients. Sometimes, it can feel (or literally be the case) that you are one step away from going bankrupt or at least finding yourself in serious financial trouble.  

Sometimes, you wait and wait on a big payment that’s coming through, often for work you’ve already done. Waiting on many small payments can often have the same anxiety-inducing effect. It may seem like your only real option in this situation is to continually contact the people who owe you money, risking annoying them past “the point of no return” or just plain getting ignored. In truth, though, you do have another, less stressful option, and that is to let a third party company handle your collection needs.

Kinum is a company that is well-versed in dealing with payment delays and cancellations, no matter what is causing them. If there’s a dispute about the quality or merit of the products or services provided, a funding issue with the debtor, or just a “bad egg” of a customer, third party companies like Kinum can really help.

Instead of you having to spend hours and hours of (often fruitless) work calling, emailing, and otherwise contacting delinquent clients, a third party company that isn’t strictly a collection agency can do all the work for you. Collection agencies, it must be mentioned, typically aren’t very successful and often cost more to utilize than the funds they are able to recover.

Third-party companies like Kinum, however, take a gentler and often vastly more successful approach. To begin with, they are never threatening or demanding when dealing with clients. Instead, they are friendly and professional. At low fees, they’ll communicate calmly and reasonably with in-debt clients, giving you a better chance of recovering the funds that you are owed while still maintaining a good relationship with the clients.

You can determine whether you want to accept smaller payments or do something else to help get your clients paid up. Even if you’re not yet sure how you want to go about collecting delinquent payments, Kinum can help you to find the right solution for your business. Give Kinum a call today to learn how it can help you to recover missing money and get back on the right financial track. 

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