Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Reach Out to Defaulted Clients

When you run a business, a large part of your attention and focus is undoubtedly dedicated to acquiring new customers. That makes it all too easy to forget that it’s equally important to keep the customers you already have...and that includes the customers who have stopped using your services or buying your products. When a customer disappears off the map, it’s easy to forget about him, but these defaulted customers are more important than you may realize.

Where Did Ya Go?

To begin with, people don’t typically just stop using a service or buying a product without explanation. Sometimes, they do so for reasons out of your control, such as moving or just having a change in their lives. More often than not, however, they do so because they have been dissatisfied or disappointed in some way. Customers who feel they have been jilted can provide you with valuable information about what you’ve done or are doing wrong and can also give you a chance to make things right and retain their loyalty. That can’t happen, however, if you aren’t keeping track of customers who’ve suddenly stopped patronizing you and if you don’t have a method in place for reaching out to customers who have been inactive for a set period of time.

Negative Feedback

It’s never fun to find a bad review of your business floating around on the internet. It makes your business look bad and can scare away potential customers. The trick is to get to clients before they have time to post a bad review. By seeking immediate feedback from buyers and immediately righting any wrongs, you can keep bad reviews at bay. If a negative review does happen to slip through, however, contact the client ASAP and see how you can make things right; not only can you potentially get a bad review removed by the client by addressing the issue directly, but you may also be able to salvage and even strengthen the client-business relationship with that individual.

Money Matters

Finally, never forget that when you fail to seek out defaulted clients, you are losing money. People who have been happy with your products or services are very likely to be repeat customers. When you make someone unhappy and don’t “right the wrong,” you lose out on revenue that could be coming to you. And, as you already know, every lost cent counts.

Boost your business and your reputation by crafting a plan to discover and reach out to defaulted clients.

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