Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Debt Collection Abuse: What You Need to Know

Are you thinking of hiring professional debt collectors to work for you? If so, then you need to choose your debt collection agency very carefully. While most people are aware that debt collectors get continually abused and shunned throughout the day, what they don’t realize is that debt collectors can sometimes be “abusive” too, which could land your business in a world of trouble. At times, it’s considered abuse if a debt collector simply acts in a way not approved or allowed by federal regulations.  

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is a federal agency that exists for the sole purpose of protecting consumers, even (or especially) if they’ve defaulted on their bills. This agency gets a lot of complaints about debt collectors. Among the most common are that collectors tell lies, make irrational or uncalled-for threats, call consumers at work, or call at inconvenient times. While some of these complaints don’t garner much attention, the complaints are definitely taken seriously if it’s clear that, in the process of attempting to collect a debt, the debt collector has broken a law.  

So, what would happen if one of your hired debt collectors broke the law? Well, it really depends on the situation, but you could find yourself paying fines and fees or even in a courtroom facing litigation. Obviously, this is not something you want to take chances with. Take the time to hire a reputable, skilled debt collection agency that has a long term business history and that practices in accordance with the law. Debt collection is a tough business and even the most experienced pros can lose their cool, so it’s smart to have some type of liability insurance or a liability agreement to protect you just in case something goes wrong. These days, you can really never be too careful, especially not when your business and your livelihood are on the line.  #HireKinumToCollect

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