Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Being a Collection Agent

Being a collection agent is tough. This is a fact you undoubtedly already know, probably all too well. There’s a good chance that, when you call a client, you follow a long and very precise script. However, recent research, research which considers collections related laws, has found that going through all of the motions isn’t always necessary or even beneficial. Instead, you really only need to focus on gathering certain, specific pieces of information about each account, and, in general, as long as you have those, you’re in the clear.   

Of course, before you can even begin to follow these tips, you have to check with your supervisor to make sure he or she agrees with your methods. More standardized, old fashioned collectors might not agree with what the more recent research shows, but if you have a supervisor who is willing to “grow with the times,” you might just be okay, or at least able to convince him that the newer moves are the best moves.

And, when we speak of “new moves,” it’s really not like they are anything sinister or outrageous. Instead, you’re simply encouraged to review all information and records you have on the client. The more you know about the person you are attempting to collect from, the better you can work with him or her and the more sympathetic and understanding you can appear to be.

Of course, in all of your “sympathy and understanding,” never, ever forget state laws! Each state has very specific laws in place as to how you can deal with and speak to debtors, when you can call, and what your conversations must consist of. Use what you know about each client to give you a “leg up,” but always keep those basic rules first and foremost in your mind.

The bottom line is that, as a debt collector, you should access and use every helpful piece of information at your disposal to garner information about the debtor, and, from there, you should use what you know to get on the “good side” of the debtor and to get him or her to make a payment. However, in all that you do, you should keep the rules and regulations in mind and put those first. If you can follow these tips, then there is an excellent chance that you’ll have a higher success rate with your debt collection efforts.

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