Monday, April 11, 2016

Keys to a Successful Collections Call

For the debt collector, what happens on a call can mean the difference between getting fired and a successful career. Debt collectors, as you probably already know, are under a lot of pressure to get a client talking and to ultimately get a payment or a partial payment out of him or her. In some cases, collectors can even be fired or get a pay cut for not having as many successful collections as usual, which is quite scary when your livelihood depends upon it.   

If you are a debt collector, however, you can (hopefully!) breathe easier with our simple tips. And, the most important of those tips is to understand that your ability to either increase or decrease the likelihood of a payment happening on your call all depends on how you approach the call from the very beginning.

To start with, you should always begin the call in a friendly, conversational manner. Yes, some debt collectors find success with being aggressive and demanding from the get-go, but if that’s not your style, just try being friendly and personable from the start. Instead of diving into the collection matter at hand, why not ask the consumer about his or her day and try being friendly? You’d be surprised at just how much this tactic puts the consumer at ease and makes him or her more likely to make a payment.

Take the time, of course, to go through protocol and make sure you are speaking with the correct person, but do your best to make this seem like a mere technicality or, even better yet, an even, natural part of the conversation. This does take some skill, but maintaining an easy and relaxed vibe can go a long way in getting the consumer to make a payment.

Furthermore, do everything within your power to make the consumer feel safe and comfortable. The more comfortable he or she is, the more likely it is that the consumer will divulge information that will help you to eventually collect on the account.

Of course, in all that you do and everything that you say and no matter how “nice” you are, always keep state and/or federal regulations in mind. As long as you follow all of the legal rules and our tips as well, there is no reason that you can’t have a long and successful career as a debt collector and that all, or at least the vast majority of, your collections calls can’t be successful.

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