Monday, May 25, 2015

The Disposable Customer

As a business, one of your main focuses is likely on getting new customers. However, there are some customers - lets call them “disposable customers”- whom you absolutely don’t want to do business with. These are the customers who have a bad history, a history of amassing debts with different businesses and never paying them. As the popular saying goes, the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior, so when you have the chance to do business with a “bad client,” there’s really no reason to give this person a shot.

How can you really find out about a customer’s history though? Does your business really have the Kinum, we can perform credit checks on all potential customers and give you the “go ahead” or the “run away” based on their past behaviors.
time to carefully search every potential client’s history? We’re guessing no, but luckily, that’s where we come in. Here at

It’s not just individuals who engage in this fraudulent behavior either. No, there are people out there who have a history of establishing faux-businesses, taking any profits they’ve gained, and running away with them or simply going out of business. To make matters worse, they often run the same scheme under a different name. So, this warning applies to you even if you work with businesses, not individuals.

To help you avoid these kinds of problems, make sure you’re working with a good collections company, one that will check, among other things, a potential client’s

l  Credit history
l  Web history
l  Domain ownership history
l  Business ownership history

Since many fraudulent people and businesses have been known to target the same vulnerable companies twice, you might even find that you’ve gotten burned by the same people before. The right collections company, however, can stop the burning and keep your business protected from further attacks.

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