Monday, November 9, 2015

Debt Collection, Callbacks, and Voicemail: The Rules Clarified

As you probably already know, debt collectors have to follow very strict rules and protocol when it comes to collecting on debts. In fact, back in July, the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs added clarification to some very specific rules related to the debt collection process and how it must be handled.   

This issuance came in response to some direct questions related to how long a debt collection agency had to answer a phone call from a consumer with a human answerer and on whether or not customers could be asked to leave a voice message.

The answer to the first question is only two minutes or 120 seconds; when debt collection agencies are contacted, a real, live person, not a recording must answer the phone within that timeframe, and, as for the second part, consumers may not be asked to leave a message in lieu of speaking with a real person.

The New York City Department of Consumer affairs also took the time to add further clarification to some similar issues. This included the fact that all debt collection agencies must offer a call back number that will be answered by a real person, or, in the case of call re-routing, that all calls be routed, within the proper timeframe, to a real person.

As you can see, the rules and laws surrounding debt collection are strict! Make sure your business is following all of them to avoid litigation and other trouble in the future.  #DebtCollections #Kinum

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